Workshops and Groupwork:


Workshops coming up in 2016 include:

Relaunch: a comprehensive and practical heart and head approach to the return-to-work experience for parents.  

Cultivate: practical planning for parents taking maternity or paternity leave who seek to maintain their network and career direction while they are away from the physical work environment and experience.

Merge: balancing career and family, clarifying the associated challenges, identifying your key values and designing valued action for creating greater equity between these two impactful areas of life.

For the latest information on upcoming workshops, dates, costs and content, or to request a specific workshop or group topic/theme please email me  or call me on 0410 70 70 19



1. Postnatal Depression and Anxiety Support Group

This is a limited-numbers support group in a safe and non-judgmental environment, for Mothers who experience depression, anxiety, transition issues and isolation associated with parenthood.

Fridays (excl. school and public holidays) from 9.30-11.00am in The Lorikeet Room at the Forestville Community Centre, Forestville, Sydney.

Give me a call on 0410 707 019 if you are interested in attending or if you would simply like more information or a chance to chat. 

 2. Women in Business Networking Group

Every day I meet women who have started small businesses during their child-bearing/child-raising years.  I see them doing incredible things with their natural talents in school hours and later in the evening when the children are in bed. I marvel at their drive and committment to creating an income, developing their own financial freedom and doing so with heart, drive and an innate belief in their ability to serve the community via the service or product they offer. 

This is a networking group for Mothers: those in business regardless of its size, and those wanting to start businesses that allow them to do what they want and follow their passions while being flexible enough to be there for their children. 

Email me or call me on 0410 707 019 if you would like to join a tribe inspired to do and share with other likeminded women.