The Person

I have experience as: a woman, sister, daughter, wife, parent, aunty, friend, listener, carer, therapist and counsellor (20 years), coach, trainer, facilitator, multi-national citizen, PND survivor, ex corporate-world worker (12 years), foreigner, student, volunteer, writer ... 

I am inspired by learning, feeling, listening, caring, growing, searching, understanding, analysing, wondering, opening, evolving, connecting, laughing, sharing, advancing, finding, letting go, helping, encouraging, holding, letting be, examining beliefs, updating coping skills and moving forward into the light - even if it takes a push or two sometimes!

My style of working is eclectic. I use Acceptance and Commitment Therapy to bring focus to the present, increase mindfulness, and evolve awareness of feelings. My approach is also influenced by psychoanalytic, existentialist, transactional analysis and cognitive behavioural schools of work and is based upon the values of respect, unconditional positive regard, empathy and confidentiality.

I was born in New Zealand and it remains close to my heart and soul. I recently spent eight years living and working in Paris, France. I now live and work in Sydney, Australia.


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