Assessing and monitoring your depression levels

The Depression Test

This is an online depression test that has shown to be very effective for identifying whether you need to seek medical or psychological help for the way you have been feeling, and/or to assess yourself on a regular basis to monitor your state of mind so that you can manage your need for extra help during more difficult periods.

If you are concerned at all about your mental health, check yourself regularly to ensure you are monitoring yourself. If the results show that you are depressed, please contact a medical doctor in whom you trust to ensure you get a referral to a mental health professional as soon as possible. Additionally, ask friends and family for a recommendation of someone they have experienced or heard about who is able to help you in a caring, compassionate and supportive way.


Seeking Help

A word on asking for and seeking help from others at a time when you most need it: there is no shame in asking for help. It takes courage to make that first call and say the words 'I need help'. It is a brave, courageous, vulnerable step to take - and one that sends a signal to your Self that you are looking after YOU (rather than hoping someone else will or waiting for someone else to notice your need).

Often, the feeling experienced once that first call is made is one of relief. Anxiety may then join your relief as you contemplate a first meeting with the mental health professional - this is normal. From a first meeting you will be able to tell whether you feel comfortable with the individual or not - and this is really really important to keep in mind. If you are not comfortable with the individual, their personality or any rules they give you in the first meeting then ask them to explain their ideas more.  If you are still not comfortable, then think seriously about finding someone else. The relationship between you and your 'helper' is super important for your wellness and progress in therapy.

If you have any questions about seeking help, how to do it, who to contact or anything else at all, contact me.