Symptoms of Postnatal Depression:




Baby Blues

Postnatal depression

Postpartum Psychosis

mood swings

feeling sad, anxious, overwhelmed


experience crying spells


loss of appetite



sleep disturbances






low self esteem








eating disturbances



inability to be comforted








social withdrawal



little or no energy




becoming easily frustrated




feeling inadequate in caring for baby



impaired speech and writing




spells of anger towards others



increased anxiety or panic attacks




negative feelings toward the baby



lack of pleasure in all or most activities



decreased or significantly increased appetite




low energy


feeling withdrawn, socially isolated, or unconnected



feelings of worthlessness or guilt




intense agitation and irritability



difficulty concentrating or thinking



thoughts of death



thoughts of suicide (a suicide plan)



thoughts of harming baby or self



little or no interest in the baby



hallucinations and delusions




feeling confused and disoriented




rapid mood swings




attempts to harm self or baby








bizarre behaviour




inability or refusal to eat or sleep




Symptoms: breaking it down

Many of these symptoms will seem (to anyone who has been a mother)to be fairly standard behaviours and feelings of a tired mother experiencing broken sleep, who is learning to live with a new baby and the many changes in her life. The key to these symptoms is that they are identified from two weeks to months after the baby arrives, and they are noticeable because they are a significant change in the mother (from her “before” child state).