Perinatal Mental Health Support

Working in peri-natal mental health since 2006 I facilitate support groups and individual appointments for mothers experiencing anxiety, depression, loss of direction, low self-esteem, low confidence, relationship issues, low self-care and identity issues during the peri (ante and post natal/partum) natal period.

Groups format                                                                                                                     Mothers come together on a regular basis in a safe and supportive environment to listen to others speak, share their own stories and experiences if they wish, and to gain the benefits of a non-judgmental space within which to explore their experiences of pregnancy, birth and motherhood. 

Personal appointments                                                                                                       These are 50 minute sessions in my private practice rooms or via Skype. In fact I work with a LOT of mothers via Skype due to the challenges of childcare and (some/many days) even getting out of bed or the house. 




My Masters research addressed the levels of postnatal depression in an English-speaking group of expatriate mothers in France. The small study found that levels of PND (postnatal depression) in the study group were almost three times the levels of PND found in their home countries.

Lack of support, cultural differences between Anglophile and Francophile pregnancy/parenting practices, and homesickness during such an important life event all contributed to higher levels of PND in the study group. 

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