Values Coach

By understanding our values we are able to more easily navigate life in ways that match what is important to us, and what we feel is right.  

With outdated values, or the values that belong more to our parents/school/family/friends, we struggle to gain clarity around what is it that WE want to be doing, striving for, working towards in our own lives.

Values work impacts life direction, reduces conflicting priorities, increases flow and allows us to move forward in our lives towards greater happiness and contentment. 

People who benefit from this style of work:
- working parents: the issues here are often the balance between career and home life. Many parents find their lives filling with conflicting priorities. They spend their time stressed, running from one thing to another, filled with guilt and resentment as they try to juggle two fulltime callings. 

- mothers and fathers dealing with postnatal depression: depression within the first years of their child's life

- employees: dealing with issues in work environments where they feel ambiguous, lacking motivation and direction, overwhelmed, under-performing and/or seeking forward motion

- men and women: dealing with anxiety, depression, relationship issues, transition or change, shame, vulnerability, lack of life direction, loss and letting go.

This work is about gaining clarity around the present-held values, owning/accepting them, learning to prioritise them, and taking only action that serves those values .
Living true to our values in this way means we are more likely to be believe, think, behave and perform in ways that lead us forward towards the things we want, and allow us to feel happy - no matter what that valued action looks like!


This is a short-term series of sessions.

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