In-house Team Facilitation and Mentoring

Small to medium business owners have their work cut out for them! They are trying to grow and retain business they already have, while trying to grow and retain individuals and teams to do the work. Spending time on growing the team takes leaders and managers away from growing their business. Growing the business means that individuals and teams are not always being developed in-line with the business’s growing and changing needs. 

In-house team facilitation provides the opportunity to have an experienced, professional ‘people-whisperer’ in the business to develop and evolve teams without the additional head-count.

Pay an affordable hourly-rate or monthly retainer to have an experienced, qualified professional working on improving and evolving your team towards:

  • greater employee satisfaction
  • increased staff retention
  • improved business productivity, flexibility and adaptability
  • team cohesion for impressive responsiveness
  • evolved customer service
  • overall effective communication