How others feel about working with me:

I work with a lot of different people, with different backgrounds and different life situations from different cultures. Here is what some of them say about working with me.

(of course i searched for the negative stuff to provide a balanced view and there hasn't been any so far - but i am always open to the full range of feedback)


"I am so blessed to have met you, you have helped me open my eyes to so many issues.  I have stepped out of the darkness & slowly but surely into the sunshine. I'm no longer detaching & denying my situation & needs. I'm stumbling but I'll keep getting up. Thank you for believing in me."

Was thinking about how much I've grown with you guys (with you, Sarah!) - I'm so grateful and have a hard time imagining where i'd be now if i hadn't shown up at yours almost 2 yrs ago.

"This may sound over-the-top, but it really moves me so much that you are working on post-natal depression and helping women get through it. Thank you from me and from everyone! :-) "

"Since coming to you, I buy myself a nice bunch of flowers every Friday on my way back home. No one else does but I don't mind, I love them every week"

"This has become a change in my way of living, like you would change your eating habits long term as opposed to going on a diet. A work in progress. I feel I am only at the very start and some days it is easier to go back to the old ways but I know going back is not an option"

"As always, thank you thank you thank you. Friday's group is indeed morphing and is truly nourishing"

"The group has helped me and everyone else who comes and we are so lucky to have you in our corner"

"Thank you for supporting all of us in our quests to be happier, healthier, more balanced people, and helping us to find a definition for ourselves as wives and mothers that we feel good about"

"I have to say I am SO much better. What you have provided has been small in quantity but enormous in quality.  I really use your tips and tricks and days when there are moments that get too much or I get so frustrated with things or people, I can put it into perspective. Together with regular imposed exercise and sunshine I feel I have come out the other side"

"Thanks for Friday. I came away feeling very strong"

"It feels good to take control and to be able to decide what will upset me and what I feed. That was a great way of explaining it - I will keep that with me. You are good!"

"Thank you for helping to give me the push and the support to make this happen. It was not easy for me to give myself the permission to do it.  I keep reminding myself that I have the power to control my feelings about other people’s actions or words and that helps in not losing the plot. To me a big step forward. So thank you for that!"

"Thanks so much for today, for holding the meeting in your lovely space and your very kind words and ear. You are a natural at really hearing and getting behind what's going on... thanks so much for this support that you are offering, it's an amazing thing to do"

"Thanks so much for this--I did have a moment of clarity about something recently, by the way, and I think it was a direct result of last Friday's meeting. That was very gratifying to figure out, and I appreciate it so much"

"Thank you so much for this, Sarah. I really enjoyed the meeting and I found myself surprisingly at ease to talk"

"Sarah, once again thank you so much for this information. Do you know how much it helps!!!"

"Thank you Sarah - I wanted to let you know you are wonderful and it's a wonderful thing that you are doing"

"The support from Sarah is amazing both in the group and via email"

"I know Sarah personally and would just say that she is incredibly compassionate, a great listener and someone who always provides a grounded, fair and well-thought out perspective. BRAVO!"

"Sarah is a fantastic listener and very approachable, and with her background as a counsellor she is non-judgmental and 100% supportive. If anyone is feeling just plain weird and not themselves, then don't be shy to reach out. It's a far, far more common thing than I ever realised and I know how hard it can be to reach out. Thanks Sarah so much, it's an amazing thing you are doing in responding to this very real need!"

"Thank you for your fabulous presence Sarah. Your encouragement on this journey is really saving me right now"

If you are ready to feel like these people do, then let's begin! Contact me here to organise an appointment, ask questions or simply talk about where you are at.