Hi and welcome to a place of acceptance and, perhaps, change for you, your business, your staff, your family. 

Whatever the reason for your being here (and maybe you are not sure yet why that is), I invite you to take a look around, see what you think, listen to what you feel about the things you are reading and breathe.

In taking a moment to breathe, you allow yourself a moment of mindfulness: an opportunity to stop and listen to your Self, your body and what it's trying to tell you, your feelings and where you are in this moment. In breathing consciously, you take a break from your mind and the stories it tells you constantly. You step back from the overwhelm that comes with all that head noise.

And there YOU are, just for a moment. 

There in that space you created for your Self, you have an opportunity to listen to YOU. 

Some people then ask "but what if there is nothing there" or "what do I do with that?" and that is what my work is about ... learning to sit with the unknown, learning to accept the not knowing and finding direction inspite of not being able to control every step of the journey ahead. 

Others say "it's too painful" or "there is too much there" and that is also what my work is about ... learning to sit with the stories your mind tells, learning to accept your experiences, and finding a way to live with those experiences without letting them choose how you live. 

The "how" of change is challenging, requires learning, breathing and courage. Yet no amount of "how" is going to help if you don't have the motivation or the "why". Clarifying the "why" is also what my work is about. 

So, regardless of your reason for being here, I want this site to be a place of sharing, reflection, feedback and growth for us all. Your participation, input and feedback are a contribution you can make here to your own journey and to the journey of others.

All the stories here are collages of life stories I've heard: they are no one person or gender. Additionally, relationships are combinations of she/she, he/he and he/she but for ease of writing I have given partners different genders in the blog posts that deal with relationships. 

Like us all, this site is imperfect and in a state of constant change and growth. Join me!



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