More Than Bruises and Broken Bones.

A Snapshot of Domestic Violence - by Sarah Cameron.

We talk about bullying in the playground and bullying in the workplace. Domestic violence is bullying in the home, mostly behind closed doors and often invisible to friends and family. And both men and women are victims. There are seven types of domestic violence and only two of them are physical. Apart from physical and sexual, there is also verbal, financial, emotional, social and psychological abuse.  Just because you can’t see any physical evidence, doesn’t mean no harm is being done. 

When you live with domestic violence you live in fear. Every single day. Fear of physical harm, fear of psychological harm to your children, fear of humiliation, having no voice, and the fear that no one will believe you.

Perpetrators and victims are in our suburbs, our workplaces, and our children’s schools.  They are someone’s son, brother, sister, uncle or wife. But no one can walk down a street and pick an abuser. They blend in, come from all professions, cultures, from low-income families through to the wealthy and educated. Abusers are often gregarious and charismatic and are great liars. They believe it is acceptable to threaten and intimidate their intimate partner, and it’s their right to control them.

So what can we do about it? Listen to both sides. Don’t make judgements quickly.  Leaving an abusive relationship is difficult and takes time, so don’t be frustrated if an abused person feels they can’t leave. Domestic violence is not OK. Ever.  And we need to keep this conversation going. Stop the silence, end the violence.  Spread the word that domestic violence is complex and traumatic and much more than bruises and broken bones.

Call - 24 hour Domestic Violence Helpline Ph: 1800 656 463

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