Counselling and Therapy


Face to face sessions                                                                    

The Reach-IN Centre

Suite 4, 11 The Centre, Forestville, NSW 2087

We meet on a regular basis in a comfortable and relaxing environment for a 50 minute period. This appointment is a time set aside for you to use to talk about whatever you feel like in the moment.



For those who prefer the flexbility offered by a phone call, telephone sessions can be very powerful as communication is reduced to the all important skill of listening only.  

Sessions are 50 minutes, payment is made via a secure system at the time of booking.



Meetings are regular and payment is made via a secure system at the time of booking. Sessions are 50 minutes in length. I currently work with people across a range of different timezones (around Australia, within Europe, West Coast USA, UK), some of whom I have never met in person.



A real time, written conversation at an appointed time. Fees for email counselling can be either pay per email, or a monthly subscription arrangement allowing unlimited emails. 



There are a range of timing, location and method options available that will make it easier for you to make a place for YOU in your life.

We can start doing one thing and switch to another if it suits you better. It's all part of making choices that suit you and your needs.

Email or call on 0410 70 70 19 to discuss the options that work best in your life.