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Do You Believe In Change?

No, really, do you? Do you believe it's possible?

When you think of others, do you believe they can and will change over time? Do you live with the idea that situations can and will change?

Do you think you are capable of change within yourself? 

The reason I ask is because it makes all the difference to how you approach life. 

A disbelief in change ignores the evidence of change happening all around us, all the time, whether we want it to or not, whether we make it happen or not.

Everything is temporary. Everything.

Change is happening right now in all areas of your life. You cannot prevent change.

You CAN, however, give it a nudge in a chosen direction. You can choose many of the changes that happen in your life. What do you choose?

Oh, and for the changes you don't feel in control of? You can choose how you respond, and that creates directed change too. 

Ready, set, GO!

Sarah xx



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Reader Comments (1)

This is a good one SWW. Good timing for all us non?! ;)

July 20, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterDLH

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