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When we lose our willingness to participate in life, we begin a slow descent into withdrawal, avoidance, depression and anxiety. 

Willingness does not require the following three things:

1. feeling like it

2. wanting to

3. believing in it

Willingness is a leap of faith and hope. It's about taking action in spite of the absence of those three things.

It's about taking steps, mechanical as they may be, towards plugging back in to the moment that is here and now. Not the moments that may be coming, nor the moments that have gone - you can't do either of those things anyway.

Willingness is about taking action towards connection and life, IN SPITE of not feeling like it, wanting to, or believing it will make a difference. 

Willingness is about just doing it. 

And most of the time, if it comes down to survival and making changes, it's the only option you have.

But only if you want to reconnect, live, feel, engage, have your needs met, grow, evolve, move through, emerge. 

It's your choice, and only you can make it (see how powerful you are!).

Sarah xx


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