Where are YOU?
Friday, May 1, 2015
Sarah Waldin

Are you wishing and yearning for the times before things changed, when it all seemed so much more simple, less scary, when life felt safer and less complicated and complex?

Are you wishing and yearning for the future when things will be different, when they are more simple, less scary, safer, less complicated and complex because they have changed?

As someone once said (often attributed to Buddha), Depression is about living in the past, Anxiety is about living in the future. 

Pain, struggle, suffering, stress all belong to the past and the future.  

The present is the only time we have, the only moment we can influence or choose about is the NOW. 

When you are not in the NOW, you are distracted from THIS moment, and what IS in this moment. There is nothing else ... just the now moment. 

Being here now is all we have to play with. Choice only exists in this moment, in the NOW.

Be here. 

Sarah xx

Article originally appeared on Sarah Waldin: psychotherapist, counsellor, mind-set facilitator (http://www.sarahwaldin.com/).
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