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Magical Stuff Happens When You Do Less.

The past three weeks have been magical.

Actually, the past three weeks have been a lesson and, as you all know, lessons can be rather uncomfortable, downright painful or excruciatingly terrifying. 

I have been practicing the stance of a human being rather than a human doing (as I said, not exactly comfortable or easy or even painless) and I am quite convinced by the results so far. 

Let me be clear: this does not come naturally to me! 

I went ahead and drew a diagram of what I want and hope for. I was as clear as I could be ... then I waited.

There is a tonne of anxiety that feels ever-present and some moments of panic that come and go. My mind tells me elaborate fear-based stories that make my toes curl if I start believing them. And I find myself questioning, questioning questioning: worried that in trusting the process or staying open to whatever comes along is not the RIGHT approach, that in fact I need to be doing more. 

Of course it's all a ruse, to get me to fall into the old trap of racing around, trying to force stuff and struggling against what is. 

So I have been hanging with the feelings, sucking up the anxiety, breathing in the frustration and fear. 

I've been going out to meetings with people (some I know, some I don't) without a plan or objective in mind - just curious and open. 

I've been answering my fearful questions such as "what if ..." with "it will be ok, just breathe". 

And do you know what? All sorts of amazing and interesting things have come from those apparently directionless meetings: new business ideas, new relationships, new collaboration, new group work and a new practice location. I've heard stories that blew my mind open even further.

I feel more alive with anticipation of what is possible. I feel anxious that there might not be enough time to do it all. On top of it all, things just feel easier, smoother, less of a battle.

Like I said, it's magical. 

So! You want a piece of the action? Take a look at how you are doing rather than being. Try simply asking out aloud for what you want, then find the courage to trust that it will come because you asked. 

Sarah xx

PS: this article by Elizabeth Gilbert in the Huffington Post has some other things to say on this idea. We can do this! Share it all xx


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