No matter where you are ...
Monday, November 10, 2014
Sarah Waldin
... I want to encourage you to be really really really kind to yourself right now.

NOT abandoning yourself in the process of your everyday life is very important ... for you being able to be there for your Self and for those who are relying upon you to be there for them too. 

I know this is what you want... a closer connection to someone you can trust, who will always be there for you (no matter what!), who knows what you need and how you feel, someone who understands you and can share every single moment with you in a way that no one else can.

I want you to take your right hand, and put it over your heart and take three big deep breaths in and just sit with yourself for a moment.

Say to yourself, "I am here with you", "you are not alone" and breathe and breathe and feel the breath coming into your heart and circulating all around your body.

And just sit, with YOU and simply breathe. 

Sarah xx

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