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Staying consistent when the busy-ness takes over.

The end of the school year is like having a blog. There is so much going on, so many competing priorities, so many different shows, concerts and activities, that choosing what to focus upon can be really, really tough.

In the end, in order to survive with some sense of achievement or decorum, we need to focus on our values (what really matters to us) to find our way through the busy-ness and noise. 

One of the most challenging things about having a blog is finding new topics to write about all the time ... nah! scrap that ... it's choosing which topic to write about each week when there are so many competing stories or ideas to share. 

When I choose, it's usually something that seems highly relevant for my clients during a recent period, or something that has captured my attention or concentration at the time.  

In the past weeks I have been truly struggling to find ONE thing to focus upon ... the result being that I am challenged to focus on anything.

By extension, and perhaps as a result of writing about this, it's been harder than usual to write anything at all. 

One of the reasons many blogs grind to a halt is because of this constant pressure to produce readable work on a regular basis ... to be consistent, to find a gap in the busy-ness and noise where the writing makes sense, is useful and speaks of the values that the blogger wants to serve the world by sharing.

That fits quite nicely with life in general I think. The pressure to remain consistent, coherent, and be of service to others while the daily activity ramps up to end-of-school-year madness levels can be tough to sustain when daily life is fairly mad anyway!

Some of you are past this moment in school life because it happened in May/June, some of you are not thinking about it because it's not until December ... but most of you can probably relate to how distracting, muddling and crazy it can be.

Perhaps you have ideas, methods for maintaining the balance during the busy periods in the year? 

Perhaps you've found ways to maintain a particular regular activity in spite of how busy life gets. 

Perhaps you would be kind enough to share some of your tips here? 




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