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Regular 'software' updates allow evolution and growth for us all.

In the days of regular technology updates, we all understand what it means when we update the software on our computers or the apps on our smartphones. If we don't do this regularly, the operating system is limited - it lacks flexibility, efficacy and fluidity.

It's the same principle with the 'software' we use to operate our minds, our beliefs, our relationships with others. If we don't update our software, we are limited in our capacity to grow, change, evolve and by extension we limit those around us. 

We may believe we know someone - like our father or mother, our partner, our best friend. We may have known them a while, through different life situations. We may feel confident that we know what they are thinking and how they will react in a variety of instances.

We may have been carrying our vision of that person around with us for a very long time: using it to colour our interactions or taint our view of them, their actions, their thoughts and their beliefs. In essence, we have been using our idea of them to limit our view of them.

We all reserve the right to learn, grow, change, develop, make mistakes and learn from them, evolve. We all want the chance to be seen as we are now, in the moment - rather that as we were at school or when we were depressed, or when we didn't know what we know now. 

We need to update our own view of ourselves on a regular basis.

We need to allow others to evolve too - by regularly updating our view of them

When we do this for others and for our Selves, we set each other free ... to be ... to grow ... to change. 

What old beliefs and visions are you carrying about those around you?

If you met them for the first time today, how would you describe them? How would you relate to them? 

Allow your connection to that person to evolve by "meeting" them for the first time today.

Set yourself, and them, free.




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