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Icebergs, writing and the value of non-sense.

Each time I sit down to write a contribution to share here I am amazed by the similarities between icebergs, therapy and the process of writing.

I am usually compelled to write by a sudden impulse or thought  - one that passes quickly if I am too slow to act upon it. I begin where the idea starts - but I frequently end up in another place. The process of writing allows me to shine light, space and words on an idea, thereby bringing it into focus and gaining clarity along the way. The writing ends up being more about the part of the iceberg I cannot initially see rather than what is showing above the waterline.

This is frequently the case in therapy. The people I work with are often bent on making sense ... to the extent that they apologise profusely when they don't think they are managing that task very well. But making sense in a therapy session is not a helpful objective to have. 

It is the effort of 'making sense' that clouds the issues so much so that we are unable to gain clarity for ourselves. The lack of sense provides the greatest insight into what we are trying to tell ourselves.

Therapy is more about where the journey meanders and very little about having a set itinerary and a desired destination.

It works even better when the Therapist is able to sew together all the bits of non-sense into helpful reflections ... always listening actively for the wide range of possible messages, the iceberg below the waterline.

sarah xx 


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