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The story you tell.

... and the way you live that story - as if it's true - is either creating a life you want, or providing you with a living hell. The cool thing about the story is that you are making it up as you go along. So what happens next is up to you.

Take a look at the role you are writing for yourself:

  • are you the victim?
  • is your crap upbringing your justification for writing more crap into your future?
  • have you been convinced of an undesirable destiny just because your parents didn't enjoy the choices they made?
  • have you accepted someone's judgement on your worthiness to the world instead of deciding upon your own?
  • are you swamped by zillions of reasons for a less-than bright future - made-up reasons to avoid having to make something of yourself and your life?

THIS IS IT! Seriously ... THIS is it!

You get to choose. Make them good ones ... and start today.

sarah xx





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