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Telling the full story.

Is one of your limitations your lack of practice at seeing your strengths? Depression thrives on your ability to tell only the negative side of the story ...

From a very young age we learn to see our faults and the areas we could improve. We learn to compare ourselves to others: both those around us and those we find in the media. Because we "compare our insides to other people's outsides", it is always a false comparison.

Over the years we become well-practiced in seeing how we are less than, lacking, faulted, not enough.

We also become convinced that this is the truth, somehow a reality of our lives.

We also become convinced that of those around us, we are the only ones suffering from this lack.

What would happen if you began telling a different story? Not necessarily the positive version of everything you currently believe, but a neutral version ... the one without the judgment attached to it.

What would happen if you simply observed yourself in a balanced way?

By telling the full story (not just the negative one) you begin to allow a more balanced view of yourself to grow and evolve.

Looking for the good stuff as naturally and quickly as you look for your faults, you begin to tell a new story - one that helps you move forward into a lighter, more powerful life.


Sarah xx

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