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When the wheels fall off.

It creeps up on you sometimes doesn't it?

There are moments in your life when you know you're speeding too fast and you feel like you are handling it OK but you are not sure it can last – or if you think you can handle it at the level it's at, you have an inkling that you can't really take anything else on the load...

You realise in addition to the speed that the things that normally keep you on balance are all out of whack too: eating, exercise, water intake, sleep, down time, connection to your partner, 'available' time with your children. Your 'to-do' list is enormous.

You know you are busy because you don't really have a minute to spare. If you did, well you know what you would do with it – all the things on the “wish-to-do” list.

But you tell yourself that there is nothing you can let slide. You keep on dragging your uncared-for and un-nurtured body and mind from one end of the day to the other.

You cross fingers that sleep will replenish you – but even that is broken, or filled with crazy dreams.

What's it going to take? How long will you wait? How much more will you add?

When the wheels eventually fall off – and they will sooner or later – it's usually a spectacular crash, a real event! It can feel like it crept up on you, that you were doing so well and all of sudden one little moment or task was more weight than you could bear.

But let's be honest here ... there was no creeping! 

Way back at the beginning, you stopped doing the important things.

You became distracted by the musts, shoulds, have-tos.

You gave into their nagging and focussed on them.

You left behind your priority.

You crept away from taking care of yourself in favour of taking care of others and the many 'things' that seem so critical on a daily basis.

It's time to return to the highest priority – taking care of YOU.

Nurturing your body and mind means you are ABLE to go out there and care for your children, your partner, your parents, your friends. It means you have a strong base upon which to do all that other stuff. Without it, the wheels fall off.

What can you begin to do today that will nurture and love your body and mind more than you have been doing?

If you are not sure how or where to start then admit it – it's OK. You can learn that by asking for help. 

Don't wait a minute longer - this is IT!

sarah xx

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