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The choices we have. 

This is my reality and no one else lives in my world. I create it as I go - with my thoughts and feelings and beliefs. Just as I can create experiences I welcome, I also create those I don't welcome or enjoy so much. All of it is an illusion. All of it can be approached differently.

I can change my reality by taking responsibility for it: which simply means "accepting the ability to respond". I guess from there it goes:

  • accept that I have the ability to respond,
  • then choose how I want to do it.
  • stay on track by asking at every step "is this what I want to be doing?".
  • check in with Self each day to reflect upon the choices I am making about how I respond to the life I am creating as I go.

What I have been doing up until now seems so basically human. This sounds initally like a justification (excuse) but what I want to convey is that 'human' itself sounds so limiting and limited to what have until now appeared to be these socially acceptable boxes we live in, viscious cycles we expend so much energy racing/wandering around.

It's ALL our choice: how we proceed; how we respond; how we translate information into our own words and meanings; how we then use those translations to respond. We can do this creatively, positively and energisingly (is that a word yet?), or negatively in the same old way - using the latest 'evidence' (which is simply our own translation of events) to reinforce our position  - a position that keeps us stuck in that place of not evolving, of instead fusing with our translation and believing we are justified and right in doing so.

When we begin the journey of noticing how our thoughts and feelings keep us fused, we have the opportunity (which was and has been, and will always be there) to make conscious choices about whether we continue to hold tight onto the ideas, thoughts and feelings we have (perhaps to our own detriment) held onto so long in the belief that they are reality/truth/right ... or whether we acknowledge them, then continue on our journey living alongside their presence but not fusing with them, not letting them be the basis upon which we make our choices about how we respond.

It's up to us. We are the ones making the choice.

Sarah xx

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