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It's your life.

There is something powerful in the idea that we are waiting for others to make the way clear so we can be all that we can be, strive towards our potential so to speak. After all if we are waiting for (insert names here) to change or make a move or talk or share or anything at all, then there is nothing for us to do in the meantime but suffer for their slowness of speed or ignorance.

Of course we are going to be waiting a long, long time for that space to occur if we rely on others ... especially as (at times) all they seem to want to do is get in the way (while all they are really doing is trying to live their own life, balking at us as we make changes that affect them). 

So - we have a choice. We can set our target and walk our path, learning as we go, bumping into others as we go and learning from those experiences too.

Perhaps right now things are bumpy and uncomfortable for you ... and perhaps you have stopped trying to walk the path in recent years because the discomfort has seemed like a sign that forward movement is not what is called for here.  Perhaps you have stopped or even regressed to a place where you think there are fewer bumps.   In the process your spirit has flagged, deflated, become hope-less and convinced that this is the only option available to you. 

Maybe at some time in the past you were more brave about taking that forward motion step and in the process you bumped around a bit, got a bit scared, resolving never to make the same mistake again.  Right now you may be using those old experiences to caution yourself - opting instead to play it safe and stick to the old ways of operating.  

Or you could breathe in and out a few times and find the willingness to keep moving forward.  Why? Because it's the only way to have a full life where you make the choice to live via values based actions regardless of the number of arguments you need to have or mountains you need to move to make it happen. 

This will take willingness and courage.

Willingness is taking action that matches your values whether you 1. feel like it or 2. want to. This means that "I don't feel like it" or "I don't want to" are not reasons to stop taking action that will help you move towards your valued direction in life, towards a fuller life. 

Courage (as a mixture of famous people have commented, and I have paraphrased here) is not the absence of fear but forward motion in spite of it. 

No one is suggesting this stuff is easy or comfortable or painless - but it is real.  

It's authentic.  It's a way to take responsibility for living your life in a way that YOU value. 


sarah xx

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