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Connecting to your power

"I feel helpless, I feel trapped, I feel like I can't change until he/she does, why should I have to do all the work?, what about me?, it's no use ..."

The physical representation of this state of mind is rounded shoulders, sighs, dull eyes, hands upturned in a "what's the use" pose, the absence of light, downward-cast eyes or at times a bold stare impressing upon the listener that the speaker is sure of themselves in stating their smallness, their low energy, their forsaken spot in the world.

These words of powerlessness are common and well practised for many of us. We see life from the position of NOT having a choice. We feel imprisoned in our daily living, our relationships, our roles, our identities, our past, our financial situation, our bodies, our minds, our emotions, our education, our health and so on.

But they are simply that ... words, or thoughts running through our minds.

And we are not our thoughts, or our feelings or our words.

We are our Selves. We can choose to believe that we were destined for a life less bright and bold than others. We can accept the judgements of others, the beliefs of others, the judgements of our mind and what appear to be the limitations of our position in life.

Or we can step INTO our power.

It doesn't take long - just take a step forward into the light (like you would a spotlight on a stage). Consciously acknowledge all the limits you have placed upon your Self (by accepting the ideas of others, your critics, society) then detach from them by seeing to whom they really belong - others.

Put your shoulders back and let the breath flow through your body. Raise your head up and lift your chin. Straighten your back and turn to face life ... knowing that you have a choice.

Stand in your power. Take, and make choices as they come along. When it's too hard and you shy away - understand that you are at risk of giving your power to someone or something else.

We ALL have access to this choice. We ALL have power. If you are not standing in yours, today is your day.

Start now ... with love and compassion for Self ... start now.


sarah xx





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