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Approaching or avoiding?

How do you live your life? What is your intention?

Is it about having as much fun as possible all the time?

Skipping responsibility. Steering clear of anyone who is a downer. Seeking thrills and spills and exhilaration. Calling pass to the deep stuff. Seeking constant company. Over-indulging in work, food, alcohol, socializing, exercise, sleeping, social media, spending, tv, gambling, (you name it).

Is it about living extremely in all these ways? Driven by the awareness of life being short, and time passing quickly?

Or perhaps life for you involves steering clear of all of the above? Maybe it’s staying home with the TV, computer, ipad.  Skipping school or work. Getting sick. Blaming, complaining. Hiding from the ups and downs of daily life. Cruising, being known as the chilled out one. Maybe the very idea of taking action towards a particular activity or goal is a no-no?

Maybe your version of life is different from these avoiding techniques?

Perhaps you are interested in approaching life rather than pulling away from it. You prefer to engage with it, explore it, connect with it - ensuring you are always learning, growing, changing and flowing with it? Maybe you prefer to take action to change things in your life that are not working for you. 

If you are avoiding life in any way, perhaps it's time to break the seal on your ability to live in a wholehearted way? What would happen if you began approaching life fully rather than continuing down the path of avoidance, of recoiling from living, of choosing experiences and paths you don't, really, deep inside yourself, WANT.  How would your experiences be different for you?

Did I hear you say you 'don't know how'?

... excellent! Great noticing. Great awareness.

It's time to accept that up until now you haven't been sure how to do this thing you dream of. But you are not alone. You alone have to do it, but you don't have to do it alone. If this is what you want, it's time to get some help, ask someone who seems to know how to do it - then approach your life with a new motivation for finding out how to live it fully.

This is not just for the 'others'. It's for YOU too.


sarah xx



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