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Listen and notice.

If the life you are leading leaves you wondering "is that it?, is that all there is?" or "there must be something more than this" ... then follow me.

What if the answer to all these questions is NO!?

Many of us are wondering (in our own individual ways) if this life we have created is the one we are stuck with for the remainder of our years. We hope not, but we are to sure how or where the change is going to come from. We look to others to fill the gaps for us. We use food, work, alcohol, busy-ness, noise, social media, other people, shopping, spending, gambling, sickness and various other methods to try to find our own solution to that constant yearning for something different - something other than what we have right now.

We know, after years of trying different 'solutions', that there is no short answer. We are not sure we are ready to fully engage with our life yet, but we know that whatever it is we are doing right now is not working in the ways we hoped.

But what do we WANT anyway?

The biggest challenge is stating clearly what it is we would prefer ... instead of the life we have now.

What is it about the life you have now that leaves you wanting something different? What is it inside of you that does not feel that it has a place in the world now?

What do you want

Not knowing what you want is a sure fire way not to get it - whatever it is.

But the answers are in there if you take the time to sit for just a moment. Notice what captures your attention, remember what you have always been interested in and check in with yourself to assess whether those things still matter to you, or whether there is something more important to you now.

The first step is to ask the question: What do I Want?

Perhaps even start by asking: What is it that I do NOT want? At the very least, knowing what you do NOT want will give you some clues as to what you DO want.

Start today, right now, by asking yourself that key question: What do I want.

Then, and only then will you be able to go about heading in the direction of creating it.


sarah xx


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